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Don’t throw water bottles at buffalo

Have you ever been to Yellowstone Park? If you have, you will recognize that there are two warnings on the hanging mirror tags you receive when you enter the park. Continue reading

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Police Beat: Observe & Report

How is a fully clothed couple supposed to enjoy a nice evening out and end it with a little friendly tongue wrestling? Do they worry about being reported by some lonely person with their lights out peeking out of their blinds and looking to report couples enjoying their evening while still honoring the BYU Honor Code. Continue reading

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Fireworks: The Chronicles Of Dave

The 4th of July was more than a week ago, but I’m still going to talk about fireworks. More specifically, Dave’s homemade fireworks. At 29, Dave is the oldest guy in the house, but easily has the most active dating life. He’s very athletic, eats healthy, and even drives a sweet car. He’s also dating FOUR different girls, one of which has a boyfriend. Continue reading

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