Fireworks: The Chronicles Of Dave

This past Sunday after church we invited some girls over for dinner and games. After they left, the four of us sat around and got to talking about girls. We don’t do this often as a house, but when it does happen it’s usually a pretty good conversation.

The 4th of July was more than a week ago, but I’m still going to talk about fireworks. More specifically, Dave’s homemade fireworks. At 29, Dave is the oldest guy in the house, but easily has the most active dating life. He’s very athletic, eats healthy, and even drives a sweet car.

Tonight the conversation turned to the FOUR girls he’s currently seeing: Megan, Amber, Courtney, and Beth.

Of the four girls, Courtney is the one he’s most interested in. Problem: She has a boyfriend. They’ve been out a few times and Dave is totally into her, but he won’t kiss or make a move on her as long as she has a boyfriend. We talked about the fact that her boyfriend is a non-member and how it’s toxic to Dave if he continues to see her while she’s in a committed relationship. Dave reluctantly agreed that it’s probably a good idea not to see her while she still has a boyfriend. Who knows if he will follow through.

Amber is Dave’s “mean-time” girl. They go out, have fun, and even play a little tonsil hockey, but he’s not interested in dating her seriously. She claims to have just gotten out of a relationship and be ok with where they are, but her words and her actions speak different languages. Scott, Ian, and I think she just says she’s ok with them staying casual and dating other people because she thinks it will lead to something more. Dave doesn’t agree and sees it more as a “friends with benefits” situation. Time will tell.

Megan and Beth are just girls Dave has been out with and kissed in the past month. While Dave remains friends with them and see’s them on a regular basis, it’s obvious both wouldn’t mind playing the tongue tango with him again.

To say Dave is a ladies man is a bit of an understatement. He teaches Sunday School and his class is always packed full of ladies. Rarely a night goes by when he is not either out with a girl or there is a girl over for him at the house.

There’s even a phrase Dave uses when he wants us to distract the other girls/guests or just get a little friendly NCMO with a lady. “(insert name here), I want to show you this YouTube video. Come take a look.”

While we don’t know what is in store for Dave, we do know that he certainly hasn’t given up on dating or even slowed down. That’s a positive sign, as slowing down or giving up on dating seems to happen all too often to single LDS men as they approach their 30’s.

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8 Responses to Fireworks: The Chronicles Of Dave

  1. Angela says:

    Ahahah the possibly related posts that this generated killed me! Especially since this post has absolutely nothing to do with fireworks (or at least doesn’t follow through with the analogy).

    “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) – Rogue fireworks panic crowd”

    I think that this could work though.. I’m sure some LDS ladies who could be considered a crowd are panicked by the rogue making out of said roommate with different ladies.

    To me his immature ladies’ man behavior doesn’t bother me. HOWEVER, “Courtney” is driving me CRAZY reading this. Why did/does she go out with him if she has a boyfriend? To me that implies that she isn’t as “committed” as you imply she is. She’s got a boyfriend, she’s not married! I thought most LDS guys agreed with the whole ‘she’s still game until you put a ring on it’ thing. Maybe if he made a move he’d find out how she really felt. Maybe she needs him to step up or at least give a bigger signal so she can break up with her bf for him. What does he really have to lose? That’s my two cents anyway.

  2. Paul Chang says:

    EDIT: This comment has been edited by TheSinglesWard because it violates the intentions of this blog. We will not tolerate speculations of racism and racial based profiling in the comments section. All subsequent speculation of racism in the comments will be deleted. If you would like to discuss this matter, email us and we will take your opinions into account in future posts. Thank you Paul for your input.

    Technically Dave can go to the singles ward until he is 32. But see comments towards the end at

    Sometimes bishops push older people away from single wards to family wards. This is not true if you are Caucasian but if you are a Korean LDS like me who is 25, the bishop/Institute administrators will frown on you if you continue to date younger girls. I was called in for a stern chat because I was dating a lady who was 21. The work services people were called in because a black dude who was 27 “spent too much time at the Institute.” Your friend Dave has it lucky. Life is harder for some of us who are older because we are of a different skin color.

  3. i would love to hear daves entire story, but whats even more curious to me are the girls. i totally get casual dating, but the way you describe the situation just seems completely lame to me.

  4. I don’t have anything nice to say so I won’t say anything at all. 😉 Oops, I already said something so I better just go ahead with my opinion.

    This guy… I’m sure he’s nice and attractive and charming. I don’t know him so I can’t judge him. He’s probably someone I’d be drawn to even, but guys like him irk me. They know their power and they know they’re in high demand. I feel sorry for some of these girls he’s using. Yes, I’m sure they’re not all totally naive. It just doesn’t seem very respectful to them to lure them in with false promises of hilarious youtube videos. 😉 But really, I’m not a huge fan of this kind of behavior, having gone out with guys like that. I hope he stops ncmo-ing and actually tries to be in a relationship with a good woman. Knock it off, dude! And I mean that in the nicest way. 🙂

  5. Monica Bellington says:

    I agree with Paul Chang above; EDIT:TheSinglesWard has removed the first part of this comment because it violates the intentions of this blog. We will not be discussing racism or speculations of things that may or may not have been intended in other blogs. Thank you Monica for your input.

    I wish a guy like Dave was in my life. When I lived in Alabama, I had to wear a fake wedding ring to repel guys. Random guys would ask me out every single day and it was annoying. So I resorted to wearing a fake wedding ring even though I was only 17 at that time. Now I am 20 years old and in St George, UT. I have lived here for nearly two years and no guy from my ward has ever asked me out on a date. My girlfriends tell me that because I am part-Mexican and part-white, guys from my ward are intimidated to ask me out on dates. I look like someone from Southern Greece, with dark skin and guys from my ward get intimidated to ask me out. Now Dave doesn’t seem to be one who will be intimidated. I haven’t had a date in two years when other girls from my ward seem to go out every week. I so wish someone like Dave pops into my life and says stuff like “I have an orange crush on you”!! I don’t care if he’s older, but ask me out!

  6. Monica Bellington says:

    Delete my entire post then. Don’t selectively edit and post. Delete my whole post please.

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