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Venus vs. Mars: Stereotypes, Double Standards, Relationships

As you can imagine, as guys, we stuck up for ourselves. It’s irritating when girls make generalizations that, “all guys are the same” and all we’re after is a make out. But to be honest, as I looked at the guys I was with, all 5 of us were guilty (at least once), of what we were being accused of. Continue reading

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TheSinglesWard Guide To Textual Relations: Part 1

As with any game, there are rules to texting. To develop and maintain Textual Relations, TheSinglesWard has 7 basic ground rules. Continue reading

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The Scent Of A Man

The scent of a man is something unique and empowering. There’s almost nothing better for us than being complimented on our scent. It makes cuddling and kissing that much better. We’re men and we get stinky, complimenting us on the way we smell takes that worry from our minds. And what girl doesn’t like a confident man. Let us know if you like the way we smell, it will improve the experience. Continue reading

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