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Let Us Review

This blog began a mere 6 months ago, with 3 YSA guys and an idea. We decided, what better way was there than to create an anonymous blog where we could write just about anything and not have to worry about someone walking up to us on Sunday and telling us how crappy our blog is? Continue reading

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TheSinglesWard Guide To Textual Relations: Part II

So what are we talking about, quality over quantity? And what is cocky/funny sarcasm? Flirting is about giving just enough information to be interesting and draw a favorable reaction. It’s a give and take. When engaging in textual relations, the quality of your texts is far more important than quantity. Too much information in stories and flirting is a killer in both textual relations and on dates. Continue reading

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Who Else Is Going?

If someone invites you to a group thing, is it rude to ask, “who else is going to be there?” Isn’t it enough that the person who invited you is going to be there? Continue reading

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