About The Authors

We here at the The Singles Ward thought it was about time a few guys got together to address a man’s perspective on the singles scene of the church.

Why us?

We’re the other half and clearly the minority in the LDS singles blogging scene. How many other guys do you know that have a blog talking about LDS singles? And how many girls? That’s what we thought.

Meet the Authors:

Ryan: Mid 20’s college graduate. Devastatingly innocent and trustworthy. Likes even numbers, sports, and surprises.

Jacob: Mid 20’s college graduate. Defies gravity. Versed in many languages, including Na’vi and Early American Indian. Likes trains, sports, and making movies.

Brian: Early 20’s college student. Leaps tall buildings in a single bound. A dynamic figure that enjoys intellectual conversation and a keen sense of awareness.

We’re not roommates but we are good friends. Stay tuned for full profile updates.


One Response to About The Authors

  1. One of you may need to change early 20’s to mid 20’s. 😉

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