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Venus vs. Mars: Stereotypes, Double Standards, Relationships

As you can imagine, as guys, we stuck up for ourselves. It’s irritating when girls make generalizations that, “all guys are the same” and all we’re after is a make out. But to be honest, as I looked at the guys I was with, all 5 of us were guilty (at least once), of what we were being accused of. Continue reading

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Police Beat: Observe & Report

How is a fully clothed couple supposed to enjoy a nice evening out and end it with a little friendly tongue wrestling? Do they worry about being reported by some lonely person with their lights out peeking out of their blinds and looking to report couples enjoying their evening while still honoring the BYU Honor Code. Continue reading

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Dating in Provo

They call it the Mormon Mecca of dating, where approximately 30,000 (many of them single and available), attractive coeds gather to attend the Lord’s university. Now factor in the 20,000 + at nearby UVU, and the dating game should be nothing short of a synch…right? Wrong. Continue reading

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