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Who Else Is Going?

If someone invites you to a group thing, is it rude to ask, “who else is going to be there?” Isn’t it enough that the person who invited you is going to be there? Continue reading

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Dating: Excerpts From Elizabeth Downie

This post is written by a very special guest: Elizabeth Downie. Please take a few moments to check out her blog titled: Excerpts From The Mind Of Elizabeth Downie. Thank you Elizabeth, you inspire us in ways you don’t even know. Keep up the amazing blog! Continue reading

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RE: An Orange Crush 6-Pack

Orange Crush is one of our favorite sodas. Not only is it a great one-liner when asking a girl out, it’s refreshing and is the topic of this post. Continue reading

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MAN-ner-isms: Poke it with a stick

Men are simple. If you show them something and they’re intrigued by it, they’ll toss a rock or poke a stick at it to see if it moves before making a move of their own. Could be a sleeping beauty, could be a dead raccoon. Continue reading

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