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Stacy: DTR Misfires

Now I’m scared that every text I send is sending “a message.” And it’s too early to even know what that message is! I guess I could have just said, “You’re cute. Let’s go from there” or something like that, but I panicked. Continue reading

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TheSinglesWard Guide To Textual Relations: Part II

So what are we talking about, quality over quantity? And what is cocky/funny sarcasm? Flirting is about giving just enough information to be interesting and draw a favorable reaction. It’s a give and take. When engaging in textual relations, the quality of your texts is far more important than quantity. Too much information in stories and flirting is a killer in both textual relations and on dates. Continue reading

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TheSinglesWard Guide To Textual Relations: Part 1

As with any game, there are rules to texting. To develop and maintain Textual Relations, TheSinglesWard has 7 basic ground rules. Continue reading

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