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What ARE You Looking For… An Upgrade?

If you’re wondering if you can find better, you can. You can find someone prettier than who you’re with. You can find someone younger. You can find someone thinner. You can find someone with bigger boobs, a higher sex drive, … Continue reading

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The Gentleman’s Guide To Wedding Season

Approaching a single bridesmaid is as easy as it can get. Nothing softens up a girl and makes her more vulnerable than watching one of her best friends get married. She may be the bridesmaid, but in her mind she’s picturing herself wearing that white dress and is motivated beyond belief to find “the one”. Continue reading

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Stacy: DTR Misfires

Now I’m scared that every text I send is sending “a message.” And it’s too early to even know what that message is! I guess I could have just said, “You’re cute. Let’s go from there” or something like that, but I panicked. Continue reading

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A Lesson In Traffic

The land of Milk and Honey is littered with drivers just like those mentioned above, but sooner or later most make it, even The Compensator. Just in case you crash and burn, get lost, or breakdown along the way, get back on the path to your destination and don’t forget to pick up a passenger along the way. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas From TheSinglesWard


Ladies, time to get out there with that last bit of holiday cheer and get yourself a kiss under the mistletoe.

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Thresholds, Barriers, And The Law Of Returns

The realization is that finding an eternal companion is one of the most selfish things you will ever do and there is nothing wrong with that. Continue reading

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Boys; We Talk Too

We don’t play by the same rules. So what if our roommate took you out last month. So what if you dated one of our buddies in the ward and it didn’t work out. Leave with a positive experience and you will receive help from them in your future dating experiences. Even if our roommate took you out last month, that doesn’t mean we won’t want to take you out after our roommate gives you a positive referral. Continue reading

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