Here you will find a brief definition of the terms used within the blog. This page will be updated as new terms are introduced.

MAN-ner-ism – a behavioral attribute or characteristic distinctive to men. Found within this blog as an exaggerated term for traits or habits possessed by single men that are often strange to single women. Ex: Poke it with a stick – Not the literal meaning of poking a girl with a stick. Rather, the use of conversation, body language, or other means by a man in an attempt to determine the probability that a particular female has a romantic interest in him. May or may not be done at close range. The male may then use this to make a decision whether or not to pursue the female in question.

Orange Crush – The technique of using Orange Crush soda to ask out a girl. After getting girl a soda, “I got an Orange Crush on you,” instead of saying, “I got an Orange Crush for you.” Then when she catches what you’ve said, ask her out.

Persona – A name given to a social role or a character played by particular male members of the church. Often times this social role presents some sort of barrier in dating and courtship. Ex: Wile E. Coyote. Coyote is a schemer, one that comes up with elaborate schemes designed to catch Road Runner. He is the type of guy that flies out on an airplane to help you drive back to Provo without asking you first.

Textual Relations – The subtle and not so subtle use of text messaging to develop and maintain relationships. Initially introduced in this blog as a series.


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