What ARE You Looking For… An Upgrade?

If you’re wondering if you can find better, you can. You can find someone prettier than who you’re with. You can find someone younger. You can find someone thinner. You can find someone with bigger boobs, a higher sex drive, AND a better personality. If that’s not your thing, you can find someone who likes comic books, who loves drunks, or who doesn’t mind paying the bills while you write songs. That person is out there. And someone better than her is out there. And, someone better than HER is out there. Keep looking. You’ll keep finding better & better during each search.

But, what is it that you ARE looking for? What do you want? I want someone who makes me stop looking. I want someone who listens to me describe how much I like each of those qualities & convinces me how much better I have it. Or, agrees with me & sets goals to achieve those things. I want someone who is content not looking for bigger & better. Someone who enjoys the fact that I say “yes” to every invite to go for a walk. Someone who knows when to put a hand on my back or when to step away so I can calm down on my own. I want someone who didn’t have a list of requirements that were a dime a dozen. And, I want someone who gets more satisfaction from our accomplishments together than my six-pack abs.

It’s not hard to continually upgrade. It’s not hard to be committed to no one. It’s not hard to bail when things get tough. It’s not hard to protect yourself, protect your heart, & protect yourself from failure. If it was, less people would do all of those things. If it was, you’d have done those things less often.

I want to find someone who knows when to turn certain songs up. I want to find someone who looks at me before laughing at awkward situations. I want to find someone who falls asleep next to me with complete satisfaction. I want to find someone who knows they can find better & chooses to make me better instead.

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One Response to What ARE You Looking For… An Upgrade?

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I wish it wasn’t IMPOSSIBLE to find someone like that!

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